How to fix your roof in southgate by Kincaide Construction

Hi this is owen wilson president of southgate roofing and contracting and your roof repair specialist. Today we´re documenting an extreme case of wood rot. When the roof is in need of replacement you have to remove the existing material.Sometimes you find a little bit of wood rot underneath and then there’s a case like this where you find the whole lot. Either way whether a little or alot the important thing is that you remove what is there. You must take out all the wood rot that is there to make sure that it’s all gone. Once you remove the old wood right, now it’s time to install the new wood and the new roof over the top. Once the wood is in place it’s important to make sure that it fastens. To make sure that its installed well once the wood is replaced you put the underlayment on and then it’s time to lay the shingles. And there here you go a new roof installation. For more tips and tricks be sure to visit our website us online. If you learned something new and want to like us on facebook here is our southgage roofing page.

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