Need A Roofer In Trenton Michigan?

roof repairsEven if you are suffering from a common roof leak it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your roof. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple roof repair Houston Texas to get the job done. You have to be careful when you are thinking of calling a local roofer. Many might say your roof is beyond a repair but some companies will try everything they can to keep the old roof intact. Companies like this are rare to come by but Kincaide Construction is a roofing Trenton company that stands by there word. They are known to prevent many roof tear offs. There is no real secret other then just being honest contractors who don’t try and up sell you.

So how do you know when you need a roof replacement? Everyone is different but a couple warnings signs would be any stains on your ceiling. Sometimes you can just have repair work done on small leaks but sometimes the structural integrity is in jeopardy. Even then though if you roof is still in good shape it could need a couple new beams to support the roof. I knew my roof was ready to go when I started seeing moss growing on my shingles.

Moss growing is not a good sign but it can be prevented and cleaned. The problem with moss or algae is it doesn’t just look bad but it can cause your roof to age faster. It also can stain your roof if left untaken care of for a long period of time. Before you clean off any moss from your roof be warned that not being careful cleaning can prevent you from being covered by your roof manufactures warranty. Instead it’s best to just call this Michigan roofing company I mentioned below.

Kincaide Construction
20853 Roche Rd
Brownstown Twp, MI 48183
(313) 308-1112

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