Roofing Repair in Canton MI Explained

Once again today I’m going to replace some starter boards on the roof and some rafter tails that have been damaged by dry rot and termites. We are going to go ahead and replace some siding that’s been damaged also. The dry rot and some other side in pieces on the house have gone down below the soil level because of landscaping over the years. They brought the soil up and they brought in the bottoms of that out. So we’re going to go ahead and take some completely out and were going to cut sections off because it’s a waste when only a couple inches of wood is rotted out. So I’ll go ahead and show you the damage and then go ahead and walk through how I’m going to replace it by putting new wood back on this house. Also we are putting a brand new roof on so we are going to be stripping the roof tomorrow. So today I’m going to strip sections of it to replace the damaged roofing sections and rafters tales. The gutter starter board is rotter due to termites. I use  paint for termite damage and the reason for this is you have the roof and you have the paper. A little piece of metal goes under the papers so when the water comes down the road.  I’m going to remove this wrapped up in there and put some stucco. Actually put a brand new rafter up by the fireplace. A lot of people would cut this out and just double up a couple new 2.6’s but if this is a really nice house it will not look correct. It’ll actually look like it’s crap and want to have looking good. I’m going to go the extra mile. To see the finished roof repair done in canton visit Roofer Canton. This is my facebook page.

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